The Guardian iPhone app

Designed for users on the move, it also presented an opportunity to gain an understanding of what iOS apps are capable of.

guardian iPhone app

Much of the Guardian iPhone app was designed in a short space of time with the external development company 2ergo.

I had no experience of using an iPhone never mind designing for one so I had to quickly study the best practices and use my knowledge of how our site is structured to make sure that the architecture and design would complement each other.

As well as obvious differences between computer monitors and iphone screens resolution affecting space and type size considerations, we also had to make sure we developed the right design for the use cases mobiles provide. I developed a technique (with mobile stylesheets) that allowed me to test how our designs would really appear when developed which informed many of our decisions.

I also made sure that 2ergo were given clear and detailed spec and instructions regarding the designs and interaction of our app. Whilst in most cases we were asking for Appleā€™s standard look, feel and interaction with a few elements (gallery browser, keyword pop-up ) we were breaking new ground. I had to work within the constraints of the platform to get as close as possible to where we wanted to be.

I also participated in key discussions around offline interactivity and user customisation. This app had the potential to be quite confusing, there is a lot to it, but after conversations with Apple and much thought I think together have made the correct decisions for the majority of our users.

I also worked on a range of promotional graphics, our site, the apple store and images used in the press and soon video ads.